About Us

Comint apparel group is a family owned and operated outerwear manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experience as a leader in quality outerwear, with its own proprietary and licensed brand names a well as diverse private label offerings.  Comint’s lines of outerwear enjoy wide retail distribution nationwide.

The company today is based in New York City, in the heart of the garment district.  Comint offers a level of dedication, expertise, pride of ownership and craftsmanship that only a family heritage can produce.

Worldwide Reach in Outerwear

Comint’s operations are international in scope, taking place on four continents.  As one of the outerwear industry’s most dynamic enterprises, Comint’s production capacity, which it controls directly in several overseas manufacturing facilities, exceeds five million garments annually.

This rare combination of family heritage and global reach sets Comint apart in the marketplace and influences every aspect of its business, including design, sourcing, logistics, and customer support.

Comint’s ongoing evolution as a diversified global outerwear power for the 21st century is supported by its commitment to the original mission: to deliver outstanding fashion, quality and value, along with unsurpassed personal attention and service.