Comint’s winning combination of experience and innovation translates into competitive advantages for Comint’s retail partners. Comint is highly flexible in serving its client, no matter size of the order; any detail can be changed to accommodate a client’s needs. And since Comint is constantly developing for a variety of clients, innovation and freshness is ensured.

Quality Control

Comint operates its own quality control inspection teams, which oversee every step in the production process, and guarantee that all its merchandise meets or exceeds required standards. All factories employed by Comint and its subsidiaries have to meet international standards for health, human rights, and environmental safety. Comint’s production facilities have been inspected and approved by leading U.S. and European retail chains.


Comint’s logistical support is unusually thorough: The firm has a 99 percent on-time delivery record, asks for only limited extensions, brings merchandise ahead of schedule, and ensures accurate shipments. Comint’s careful attention to detail ensures that merchandise has a smooth ride from the factory door to the selling floor.


Comint supports its lines throughout the distribution process and stands behind the product. The company works with consolidators and customs, seeing the order through to delivery in the U.S.

A unique aspect of Comint’s philosophy is that it truly cares about every single thing it ships. When Comint makes a coat, it’s made with the best money can buy, as if the garment is going in the company’s own stores.

Comint maintains distribution facilities on the east coast and west coast, where it receives, tickets, repackages, presses, and makes small corrections. Here as well, the level of service and follow through is extraordinary in the outerwear business.